Bouquet Man

A couple of days ago, I was playing around with dynamesh in ZBrush. It’s a very convenient tool if you hate retopologizing as much as I do.

I did this completely without looking at any reference. I’m not suggesting that not using references is something to be proud of but it turned out to be a good way to understand how much one knows about anatomy.

I called him “Bouquet Man” cause the base mesh was literally a flower bouquet!

Procedural Worm Rig

This video demonstrates an auto-rig for snake, rope, worm or anything similar I wrote in Python-Maya.

1- Multiple seamless twist controls
2- Ability to animate the twist range for every single control.
3- No flip problem.
4- Squash stretch and ability to blend between them.
5- Ability to change the smoothness of the shape by scaling the control ( very intuitive control for smooth and hard corners. )
6- twist remaining on the control no matter where the controls are on the curve.
7- And more interesting, twist remain on the controls even after squash and stretch, and the range twist still works.